Flow diagrams

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Example
  3. Algorithmic State Machines
  4. References


Finite State Machines can also be represented graphically by means of Flowchart diagrams. Therefore a direct conversion from Flowchart diagrams to State Diagrams is possible.

Several resources about Flowcharts can be found in the References and Further reading sections of the Wikipedia entry about Flowcharts


Equivalence between state diagram and flowchart diagram
Equivalence between state diagram and flowchart diagram

Algorithmic State Machines

An extension to the flowchart diagram which includes timing information is known as the Algorithmic State Machine (ASM) chart.

More information about ASM charts can be found in:


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  1. A processing step is denoted by a ?
    1. Rectangular box
      • Diamond
      • Arrow head
  2. Flowchart helps to identify ?
    1. All of these
      • Flow of algorithms
      • Flaws
      • Bottlenecks
  3. What does a terminator symbol represents ?
    1. Starting or ending point
      • Document or a report
      • Direction of a process
      • Document or a report