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Discrete quantities

Table of contents

  1. Analog vs discrete
  2. Converting to and from the analog world
  3. Sampling theorem
  4. References

Analog vs discrete

  • Section 1.1 “Analog and Discrete Variables” in [1]
  • Section “Analogue and digital data” (Chapter 1) in [2]
  • Secion “Digital and analogue signals” (Chapter 1) in [3]
  • Chapter 1 “Introduction: Analog Versus Digital” in [4]

Converting to and from the analog world

  • Section “Interfacing the digital system to the real world” (Chapter 8) in [2]
  • Chapter 6 “Analogue to Digital and Digital to Analogue Conversion” in [3]

Sampling theorem

The Nyquist-Shannon theorem


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